The LiFi R&D Centre joins European industrial and academic partners to develop beyond-5G private networks integrating multiple wireless access technologies and their evolutions.

The consortium is formed by InterDigital Europe, Ericsson LMI, Telefonica, IHP (Leibniz-Institut fur innovative Mikroelektronik), Accelleran, Bosch, i2CAT (Fundació Privada Internet i Innovació Digital a Catalunya), pureLiFi, Gigasys solutions, University of Bristol, Universidad de Granada and University of Edinburgh. The 30-month project, which began on November 1st 2019, received a total of €5.75M in funding from the European Commision.

The innovations developed on the project target significant performance improvements including downlink data rates above 1Gbps, air interface latency below 1ms, reliability above six 9s, positioning accuracy below 1cm and synchronization to nanoseconds level.

The solutions will be demonstrated and trialed in two private network testbeds: a smart factory near Barcelona (Spain) and a museum in Bristol (UK).

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