Professor Harald Haas explains the benefits and applications of Li-Fi Technology in Scotland’s national newspaper, The Scotsman.

The emerging Li-Fi industry being pioneered by the Li-Fi Centre is estimated to be worth at least $6 billion in the next five years, and there are huge opportunities across sectors including mobile communications, lighting, energy, healthcare, transport, smart factories, security and advertising.

The University of Edinburgh set up the Li-Fi Research and Development Centre to lead the global development of Li-Fi. The idea is to develop, patent and commercialise new technologies for the nearly unlimited Li-Fi applications, through channels such as license agreements or new spin-out companies.

The opportunities are truly breathtaking – and I look forward to helping industry light the way for this exciting new technology.

Professor Harald Haas Chair of Mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh and Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of the spin-out company, pureLiFi

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