LiFi in the news again – the connected solar panel

Published on November 12, 2015

Light is used to transmit high speed data and the solar panel is LiFi-enabled to be a receiver – as well as energy harvesting, the solar panel provides energy for LiFi Technology and is a broadband receiver.

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Solar LiFi – New TEDTalk

Published on November 9, 2015

Harald Haas’ TEDGlobal London TED Talk is now online – watch this short film to see a demonstration of the Solar LiFi.

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The connected solar panel

Published on October 1, 2015

Haas speaking at TED Global 2015 London

                  At TED Global 2015 in London, Harald Haas has shown for the first time in public how Li-Fi Technology can be used with solar cells to transmit data. This means that now solar panels on houses or other objects can be adapted to also be used…

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Light brings users super-fast wireless internet

Published on August 7, 2015

See Harald Haas explain to NBC News how lights in shop windows, cars and classrooms can be used to access the wireless internet. Harald says ” Li-Fi is seven times faster than wi-fi, and you can download an entire DVD in a couple of seconds – the end of download frustration!” See  

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Best Systems Paper Award

Published on August 5, 2015

Professor Harald Haas, Chair of Mobile Communications and Director of the Li-Fi Research and Development Centre at the University of Edinburgh and co-author Dr Marco Di Renzo, researcher with Laboratory of Signals and Systems (L2S) have been awarded the Jack Neubauer Memorial Award for the best systems paper by the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS). The paper “Bit…

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Highly Sensitive Photon Counting Receivers for Li-Fi Systems

Published on July 3, 2015

Diagram of a SPAD receiver

A New Solution to Long Distance Communication The concept of Li-Fi, first introduced to the general public by Professor Harald Haas, Chair of Mobile Communications at theUniversity of Edinburgh, in a TED Talk in 2011, is currently attracting a great deal of interest and many researches have stepped into the field by proposing new devices…

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SDMA: Creates parallel optical pipes

Published on June 29, 2015

How spatial separation can be used to increase the data rate of Li-Fi Imagine a cocktail party, there are multiple friends and couples who want to talk to each other in a small single room. If they all talk at the same time, the room will be too noisy and no one can hear each…

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Li-Fi Access Nodes Networking Technology – its Inherent Programmable Features

Published on June 24, 2015

Li-Fi communication and networking researchers at the University of Edinburgh are inspired by quantum mechanics to develop systems to control the number of photons in light emitted from a simple off-the-shelf LED light bulb by changing the frequency of the light, making it the most perfect wireless carrier for wirelessly transmitting Internet data in the…

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Li-Fi for smart cities

Published on June 17, 2015

Li-Fi has been featured in El Pais, the national daily newspaper of Spain, and in the interview, the pioneer of Li-Fi,  Harald Haas, explains the simplicity of the li-fi technology using LED light bulbs to transmit data, including for example, high speed data connections that might be served from street lights. Harald says: “We have already had interest…

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Best Paper Award by IEEE VTC Spring 2015

Published on May 13, 2015

Congratulations to Harald Haas and Dushyantha Basnayaka, Research Associate at the Li-Fi Centre on winning the Best Paper Award today at VTC Spring conference in Glasgow UK for their joint paper, ‘Hybrid RF and VLC Systems: Improving User Data Rate Performance of VLC Systems’.

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