Centre team

  • Hamish Stewart

    Director of Business Development

    Hamish has over 20 years of industry experience working for several multinational electronics companies in a variety of roles such as Manufacturing, Design, Sales, and Business Development. From this, he has gained extensive knowledge across many industry sectors and markets which LiFi is applicable to - including cellular communications, optical networking, and transportation.

  • Professor Harald Haas

    Director, Li-Fi Research and Development Centre, Chair of Mobile Communications, School of Engineering

    Harald's main research interests are in interference management in heterogeneous wireless networks, energy and spectrum efficient wireless transmission techniques and optical wireless communications. He is co-founder and chief scientific officer of pureLiFi Ltd, a University of Edinburgh spin-out company.

  • Professor Nigel Topham

    Chair of Computer Systems, School of Informatics and Member, Institute for Computing Systems Architecture (ICSA), School of Informatics

    Nigel’s main research area is computer architecture, particularly the development of next-generation microarchitectures for high-performance embedded systems. His current research projects focus on the automated synthesis of processors, and the interactions between the synthesis of architecture, micro architecture and physical design.

  • Dr Stefan Videv

    VP Engineering

    Stefan’s research focus is on visible light communications and his interests include prototyping communication systems, smart resource allocation, and energy efficient communications. He was awarded his PhD for his thesis, ‘Techniques for Green Radio Cellular Communications’ in 2013 from the University of Edinburgh.

  • Tom Higgison

    IP Projects Manager, Edinburgh Research and Innovation Ltd

    Tom provides business support for technology transfer projects at the University of Edinburgh, including securing several high value outcomes through spin-out companies. He is involved in technology and IP areas, including: Li-Fi; MEMS; communications technologies; reconfigurable circuits and sensors; in a wide range of markets, including: oil and gas; electronics; and manufacturing.