About the centre

The Li-Fi R&D Centre conducts internationally leading research in collaboration with, and on behalf of industry. It aims to accelerate society’s adoption of Li-Fi and emerging wireless technology through engagement with major industrial partners, to fully harness the commercial and innovative potential of Li-Fi, and to help establish a major new £5 billion ($8.5 billion) Li-Fi industry by 2018.

The UK based research and development centre was formed in 2013, and stems from research into fundamental communications science begun in 2002 that has now received in excess of £8 million ($13.5 million) of competitively won funding.

By facilitating collaboration between industry, internationally renowned experts from the University of Edinburgh, and other key research institutes around the world, the Centre is taking emerging Li-Fi technologies through into mainstream applications that will soon begin to impact on many aspects of the modern world. The Centre, with its partners and collaborators, will foster the wide spread market adoption of Li-Fi technologies.

The Centre continues to drive all aspects of Li-Fi communication from novel devices, through to the integration of Li-Fi access points in agile heterogeneous 5G and 6G networks enabled by emerging software defined networking (SDN) infrastructures.