Haas speaking at TED Global 2015 London
Harald Haas at TED Global in London in September 2015 showing the connected solar panel for the first time in public. Photo: James Duncan Davidson/TED










At TED Global 2015 in London, Harald Haas has shown for the first time in public how Li-Fi Technology can be used with solar cells to transmit data. This means that now solar panels on houses or other objects can be adapted to also be used for mobile wireless communication.

This latest prototype was developed with pureLiFi, the University of Edinburgh spin-out light communications technology company that leads the market in product research and commercialisation of Li-Fi.

This new technology will give the many million people and rural communities throughout the world who don’t have existing infrastructures for electric power or for the internet and wi-fi access to information for the first time.

Harald Haas says, “The potential expansion to the internet is massive and my aspiration is that this Li-Fi enabled solar power will help solve the challenges of the digital divide throughout the world.”