Platform Driving the Ultimate Connectivity (TITAN)

The Network of Networks Hub

TITAN will deliver ground-breaking research in communication networks and underpinning technologies with a focus on the intersections of traditional and future communication network elements. Our ultimate objective is to architect a seamless, open, and holistically integrated Network of Networks (NoN). This will serve as a foundational blueprint for the evolution of 6G networks and beyond. To this end, the ambition is to create the ultimate secure, self-configurable, self-optimising, self-healing, net-zero, resilient NoN that achieves pervasive coverage and can drive new applications around the emerging metaverse and the diverse range of new autonomous systems. While bringing all the necessary network elements together, it is envisaged that TITAN will uncover many unsolved research challenges across traditional network elements and will solve these challenges. The TITAN vision can only be realised by co-creation enabled by an environment that allows active and meaningful cross-disciplinary collaboration harnessing the new Joint Open Infrastructure for Networks Research (JOINER). TITAN will provide strong consolidated inputs to global activities in telecommunications in partnership with the companion Hubs.

TITAN is structured in six Lighthouse Projects (LPs) led by a domain expert.